Kantipur Media Group has been a milestone on its own from the past 25 years. With the vision it carries since its inception to cater to the society by giving it the power of information as well as decision making, Kantipur has come this far in making itself one of the most trusted medium in Nepal today.

Time and again, Kantipur has supported various causes very actively either through its printed media, tv, radio or its digital media or simply through financial contributions. However, the company has constantly been in the thought of making a much larger impact to the community which could bring a long term, non – biased support with the support from the public.

Therefore, nothing was more ideal than starting a crowdfunding platform, where the public has the ultimate power to support any cause or appeal and they can demand for the progress independently. This is where the this project took shape – from a vision, to an idea; to an execution.


To provide a solid base and support to the Civil Society organisations to grow within themselves and thus be enabled to provide the best services to the community through skills such as organ- ised funding, transparency, accountability, communication and impactful services.


To create a state of the art crowdfunding platform for the Civil Society Organisations to enable them to build awareness of their cause in public and generate funding through free willing dona- tions. At the same time, monitor, evaluate and improvise with the date verification and impacts made through the platform in order for Hiteri to be able to identify areas of training required for the Civil Society Organisations.


  • Provide a well designed, absolutely free of cost fundraising platform for the various Civil Society Organisations and Individuals in need of support to tell their stories and make an appeal.
  • Monitor and Evaluate the progress of the funds and support the organisations to make their ap- peal more effective.
  • Verify the authenticity of the organisations and individuals through official documents, registra- tions and permission letters.
  • Maintain the data of utilization report from the organisations once the funds are dispersed. Instil a strict policy on the report quality and timeline. Also at times make field visits for verification.
  • Promote, advertise and enhance the publicity of the appeal pages in order to make the public aware of the various causes as well as appeals that can easily be fulfilled by the people through individual donations.
  • Design, create and implement various training programmes for the Civil Society organisations to nurture their positive development and skills.