Krishi Nepal has always envisioned to build a community that is fulfilled with organic green plants, vegetables and fruits as a part of it. We have believed that these would grow with the love from the people as their lifestyle, just like we eat food. We call these "Crops of Love".
Have you ever wanted to do something meaningful during you birthday?? Give on your birthday
Syria's children have lost their homes, their security, their childhood.
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Help build a rainwater catchment system in a remote community.
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Today, there are more than 638,000 Australian children living in jobless families.
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Celebrate the dry season in Wulagi with Darwin's first ever reggae festival to raise funds for education for Children in Darchula, a remote village in Nepal.
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Help us take Charitable to the next level with an iPhone app.
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Pitch in to help a remote village in Thailand start an organic farm, creating jobs for the local youth.
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